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We use Premium Products that are both Eco-Friendly and 100% Bio-Degradable. We care about Protecting and Conserving your Car and our Natural Resources. An EPA study has shown that the traditional car wash places oils, soils, dirt and other contaminants into the water system thus for breaking down our Natural Resources.

Sparkle & Shine Auto Detail contributes to keeping the Environment safe by being One of the leaders in this Industry conserving our water usage to 6oz.- 1gal. of water per vehicle using a Waterless System. This technique involves our Eco-Friendly products which, contains different ingredients, cleaning agents, lubricants and extra polymers that are designed to give your car a superior anti-static cleanliness and Supreme Shine. The contaminants are broken down and captured in a micro-fiber towel and then washed in an automatic washer with little to no harm to Our Natural Resources.

All of our washes are done by hand to add that personal touch, which we use a water-based product that contains superior cleansers, surfactants and lubricating agents, Montan & Carnauba wax, along with a unique polymer polish compound that is ideal for both old and new vehicles.

This Waterless System is just that - waterless. You wont have to worry about filthy contaminants in your neighborhoods filtration system, and any standing water left behind to dirty your driveway, or garage. All we will leave you with is a Showroom Quality finished investment in your garage.

We provide quality waxes and sealants that brings out the look and feel that you car deserves. These waxes and sealants have been tried and tested to provide our clients with the best protection for their investments.

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