Dallas Vehicle Interior Detailing

Dallas Vehicle Interior Detailing
Client : Dallas car owner
Info : Vehicle interior detailing

Vehicle Interior Stains and Odors

A Dallas car owner contacted us because the appearance of all the interior surfaces of her vehicle had become diminished with regular use. The upholstered seats looked blotchy where spills had been cleaned up. Sand, grit, and oils had transferred from the owner’s shoes to the carpets and floor mats. The dash, console, and windows were dusty and smudged. The car also had an unpleasant, musty odor, like old fast food.

Our Vehicle Interior Detailing

We deep-cleaned and freshened the interior of the vehicle using a variety of cleaning methods and professional solutions. As with all our vehicle fine surface detailing services, our cleaning products did not create any sticky residue and left the texture and appearance of the seats and carpeting dramatically improved, beautiful, and sanitary. We thoroughly cleaned and conditioned the vinyl surfaces and removed every trace of residue from the windows, as well.

The owner was amazed at how the vehicle interior looked and smelled brand new again.

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