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What We Do

Below is a detailed break-down of all our services along with comprehensive pricing plans for you to choose from as per your car and your needs.

At Sparkle & Shine Auto Detail, we are determined to providing the best car detailing services here in Dallas, TX and surrounding areas. 

We also have a workshop in McKinney, TX area and we plan on growing to other suburbs of Dallas county. 

Where we have the most market competitive pricing on all of our service packages, we also take pride in have the highest number of 5-star reviews consistently from all of our customers till date. 

If you are ready to experience the magic of Sparkle & Shine, then check out our service packages below, give us a call and get a quote right away. 

Sparkle & Shine Auto Detail

Concierge Packages

Express Wash - $20+

Express Butler - $45+

Express Signature - $130+

Express Luxury - $225+


  • Conditioning Exterior Hand Wash
  • Clean & Buff Wheels
  • Exterior Glass
  • 2D Truck/SUV $30
  • 4D Trucks/SUVS $35

Express +

  • Full Cockpit & Trunk Vac
  • Wipe Dash
  • Interior Glass
  • 2D Truck/SUV $55
  • 4D Trucks/SUVS $65

Express Butler +

  • Signature Hand Wax
  • Console Detail
  • Wipe Down Panels
  • Wipe Down Seats
  • 2D Truck/SUV $150
  • 4D Trucks/SUVS $170

Express Signature +

  • 1 Step Polish
  • Buff & Sealant
  • Interior Deep Clean
  • Interior DRI-FOAM
  • Shampoo
  • Tail Pipe Polish
  • 2D Truck/SUV $265
  • 4D Trucks/SUVS $305

Butler's Corner

Polishing & Coating

A la Carte

Express Wax $30
Tire Shine $5+
Full Vacuum $10+
Clay Bar Treatment $70+
Interior Glass & Door Jambs $5+
Dash & Console $15+
Pet Hair Removal $25+
Bug, Tar, Sap Removal $25+

Scratch Removal

Polishing service to remove scratches on the surface of the clear coat.

Full Paint Correction

Polishing service to remove surface swirl marks and imperfections.

Ceramic Pro

Ceramic Coating Application provides shine and durability

Mobile/Home Valeting Services

Service Disclaimer

Please Note:
To maximize performance and Customer Service, Sparkle & Shine Auto Detail LLC will add a service charge based on the condition of the vehicle.

Please be aware and understand that Sparkle & Shine Auto Detail LLC is here to provide a Quality Service with Integrity and cannot be held responsible or liable for any valuable items, firearms etc. As well as pre-existing conditions of your vehicle, or any non-factory items and non-OEM parts (i.e. aftermarket accessories or lowered vehicle), or damage occurring during Service due to wear and tear of the vehicle or by nature. Sparkle & Shine Auto Detail LLC can not be held liable for any damage due to certain conditions including, but not limited to: pre-existing damage (dents, severe scratches, RE-PAINT, temporary patchwork, dyes etc.) alarm systems, oxidized or bad paint, loose moldings (any and all), windshields, windshield wipers, bug shields (as they age and crack), rear view mirrors with weak glue, antennas, batteries, any and all engine issues after cleaning, cloth or vinyl convertible tops, broken key fobs.