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What is Ceramic Coating?

While many compare ceramic coatings to wax and sealants, coatings have numerous perks that the other two don’t. Here are just some of the qualities that set ceramic coatings apart:


A ceramic coating is a solid, water-repellent cover that protects your car not just from dirt and mud, but also from water, chemicals, UV rays, and more. This means you won’t have to worry about debris staining or scratching up your car.

Makes Your Vehicle Easier To Clean

Most soils will have a hard time bonding to a coating, because the polymers used in coatings repel dirt. This allows you to easily wash off debris with a hose. No need to spend hours scrubbing your car. Thanks to your car’s new ceramic coat, you can get it clean in minutes.

Gives Your Vehicle an Attractive Gloss

Like waxing, a ceramic coat will give your vehicle an attractive, glossy look. The paint will glisten in the sun like it’s brand new, fresh off the lot.

Longer Lasting

On average, the results of a wax will last up to six weeks. Meanwhile, a professionally hand-applied coating can last two to five years.

Cost Effective

And because the results of a ceramic coating service last so long, they’re extremely cost effective. While other options may cost less upfront, they wear out quickly, which means you need to have your car treated frequently. The cost of these frequent treatments can add up. While ceramic coatings may seem costly, you’re getting more value for your money long-term.

Interested in these and other high-end services? If you need ceramic coating in Dallas, you can count on us. Our team of ceramic pro installers works hard to not just meet, but exceed your expectations. We have a range of coating options for your vehicle and apply all coatings using professional, tried-and-true techniques. Call us or click on the Schedule Now button to schedule your services. 

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“Our detailing is based around the use of Steam and Premium Products, creating our Eco-Smart system, which is both Eco-Friendly and 100% Bio-Degradable. We care about protecting and preserving your investments, and our world’s natural resources.”

- Tremayne (Trey) Palmer, Owner/CEO
- Tremayne (Trey) Palmer, Owner/CEO
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