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Sparkle & Shine Luxury Auto Detail wants you to love your car forever. For that reason, we offer premium auto detailing in the Collin County area that will help it look its best. No matter how much work your car needs, our team can make it pristine. We use only the safest chemicals and tools and take extra time to deep clean your vehicle for results that shine—forever.

Don’t just take your vehicle anywhere. At Sparkle & Shine Luxury Auto Detail, we can detail everything from daily drivers to weekend exotics. We guarantee you will be happy as we always aim for the highest quality of work to go above our customers’ expectations.  


We use a pH neutral foam to clean the road grime and dirt away without causing damage to your glossy coating. Cheaper cleaners contain harsh chemicals that will remove the protective wax or ceramic and potentially damage the clear coat over time. We use deionized water with our foam, steam or Our Eco Smart System to keep the painted surface cleaned with the best protective agents to preserve its originality.

We use professional grade soft 350 GSM quality microfiber towels when hand washing. You may have heard of the two bucket method to avoid cross contamination. We take it a step further and use one towel per panel. These towels have no stitching on the side and are incredibly soft to prevent micro scratching and micro marring on the clear coat.

Water spots are created by water with minerals in it such as calcium and magnesium. Once the water evaporates the minerals are left on the clear coat and glass. This can permanently etch and damage the glass or clear coat requiring paint correction. Deionized water physically cannot spot as these minerals are filtered out.

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We provide a deeper cleaning of the wheels and rims including Iron-X before applying the water based protective coating.

Industrial fallout, iron and carbon in the air lands on your vehicle. If left untreated this will be embedded in the surface and can cause damage to your clear coat, plastic and rubber. If clear coat failure occurs this creates irreversible damage, requiring a new clear coat. Iron-X creates a chemical reaction to open the pores of the surface and release these contaminants.

A vehicle’s trim and plastic gets contaminated in its pores and needs to be cleaned periodically with a special brush to flush out the contaminates. The old dressing also needs to be removed to prevent layering. The old layers will be dried out. If the old layer is not removed and a new layer is applied, the new layer will not cure properly to the trim. When combined with Iron-X we make sure the surface is correctly prepared for the new dressing. This will protect the trim and plastic from UV damage and discoloration.

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“Our detailing is based around the use of Steam and Premium Products, creating our Eco-Smart system, which is both Eco-Friendly and 100% Bio-Degradable. We care about protecting and preserving your investments, and our world’s natural resources.”

- Tremayne (Trey) Palmer, Owner/CEO
- Tremayne (Trey) Palmer, Owner/CEO
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Paint Correction / Polish / Buff

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Paint Correction / Polish / Buff

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