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Paint Correction/Polish/Buff

Not sure if you need auto paint repair services? Here are some common signs your car could benefit from auto paint correction.

The Paint Is Fading

Over time, your car’s paint will fade, typically due to natural wear and tear and exposure to UV rays. This can be fixed with vehicle paint correction.

The Paint Is Peeling

If you notice the paint is peeling, bubbling, or discolored, this usually means the clear coat is wearing away. If you don’t apply a new protective coat in its stead, the paint beneath can start to peel.

The Paintwork Looks Dull

Has your once-shiny car lost its luster? Paint that’s chalky, flat, and dull can be brought back to its former glory with auto paint correction.

There are Scratches or Swirl Marks

Scratches and swirl marks are normally caused by improper washing or detailing of a car. Swirls are more circular patterns overlapping each other to hide the paint’s true clarity. Car paint correction will remove these. It will also remove or diminish the appearance of deeper marring giving you a glass-like finish as of day 1.

Dirt and dust is typically easy to wash or wipe off, but sometimes small particles can ingrain themselves in your paint and cause issues. These can be removed via paint correction.

If you notice any of the above or are otherwise concerned about the condition of your car’s paint, Sparkle & Shine Luxury Auto Detail can help.

Even new cars from Volvo, Ford, GMC to the exotics like Lamborghini, Ferrari and McLaren, Tesla have paint imperfections. These vehicles get imperfections in them from the manufacturer, in transport and even at the dealership. We specialize in removing those imperfections so you can enjoy your vehicle the way it should be. Not only will our paint correction services make your car look shiny and new, they can also improve the longevity of your paint and boost your car’s resale value, should you ever choose to sell.

We offer a first stage-polishing, two-stage medium cut and finish, and three-stage paint correction to suit a wide variety of needs. Whether your car’s paint is a bit lackluster or needs some serious TLC, our team of experienced and dedicated appearance specialists can restore it.

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“Our detailing is based around the use of Steam and Premium Products, creating our Eco-Smart system, which is both Eco-Friendly and 100% Bio-Degradable. We care about protecting and preserving your investments, and our world’s natural resources.”

- Tremayne (Trey) Palmer, Owner/CEO
- Tremayne (Trey) Palmer, Owner/CEO
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Paint Correction / Polish / Buff

Paint Correction / Polish / Buff

We can bring your paint back to life with our paint correction service!

Paint Correction / Polish / Buff

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