Dallas Chevrolet Impala Owner Wowed

Dallas Chevrolet Impala Owner Wowed
Client : Dallas Chevrolet Impala Owner
Info : Exterior detailed, paint buffed, polished, and coated

Swirl Marks and Light Scratches on Vehicle Paint

The Dallas owner of a gorgeous, black 1967 Chevrolet Impala was concerned about swirl marks and light scratches on the vehicle’s finish. Even with washing and waxing, the paint just did not have the factory finish the classic car enthusiast wanted. We explained that sometimes abrasive polishing compounds do more harm than good and that DIY buffing is never a good idea when a like-new finish is desired.

How We Made This Dull Vehicle Finish Dazzle

First, we meticulously hand washed, detailed, and dried the vehicle exterior to remove any buildup of contaminants and dust.

Our paint correction services restored the gloss, reflection, and depth of color to this vehicle. Our highly trained technicians selected the most appropriate professional products and tools, then buffed and meticulously polished to restore the vehicle’s luster. To preserve the clarity and reflection, we also applied a protective coating.

The Impala owner was very impressed with the outstanding results we were able to achieve. He was very glad he had entrusted us with the care of his investment.

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